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Preschool Prep DVDs

RM 42.00

Preschool Prep
RM42 for 10 DVDs

Language - English

DVD1、Meet the Colors
DVD2、Meet the Letters
DVD3、Meet the Numbers
DVD4、Meet the Shapes
DVD5、Meet the Sight Words1
DVD6、Meet the Sight Words2
DVD7、Meet the Sight Words3
DVD8、Meet the Letter Sounds
DVD9、Meet the Digraphs
DVD10、Meet the Blends

Educational Products Award 
Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children’s Products Award 
Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award 
Creative Child Magazine’s 2006 DVD of the Year 
The Best Baby Toys of 2005 - 
iParenting Media Award Winner
Top 7 Baby and Toddler Alphabet Learning Videos 
Film Advisory Board Inc. – Award of Excellence 
Dove Foundation – 5 Dove Ratings
Meet the Letters & Meet the Numbers -Amazon.comBest Seller list 
Meet the Shapes & Meet the Phonics - Creative Child Magazine “DVD of the Year”

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